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CFS Legal Petition to Label GE Foods

Center for Food Safety

Center for Food Safety, on behalf of several other organizations and businesses, has filed a formal Legal Petition to FDA to Require Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods

The petition demands that FDA:

  • Issue new regulations requiring labeling of all foods produced using genetic engineering
  • Issue a new policy redefining a “material” fact as a change in food at the atomic, molecular, or genetic level that a significant share of consumers would find relevant to their purchasing decisions 

On the grounds that, among other reasons:

  • Unlabeled GE Foods Are Misleading, and Therefore Prohibited
  • A Broader Interpretation of “Material” Facts Is Both Permissible And Necessary
  • Consumers Have a Judicially Recognized Right to Know
  • The Patentability of GE Foods Demonstrates They Are Materially Different
  • The Lack of Any Independent Testing or Review by FDA Supports Requiring Labeling
  • The Demonstrated Adverse Environmental Impacts of GE Crops Supports Requiring Labeling
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